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Israel- July 2009

Cyprus- August 2009

Turkey- August 2009- April 2010

Greece-  April - July 2010

Croatia-not visited

Italy-  July- September  2010

Sicily- July 2010

Sardinia-August 2010

Corsica-  September 2010                                                         The Red Line shows our route in Summer of 2009              Blue  April & May 2010 
                            Yellow Planned route for Summer 2010     Turquoise actual route summer 2010           
Green 2011
Monaco- Oct 2010       

France- Oct 2010              

Spain- Winter 2010-11

Gibraltar- Planned for 2011

Morocco- Planned for 2011

Atlantic Crossing - Planned for Dec 2011 - January 2012

Sardinia and Sicily are islands that are part of Italy and Corsica is an island that is part of France but each is so unique and interesting we have given them their own pages here.




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