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No. Indian Ocean


Our travels through the areas of the North Indian Ocean should be very different from our previous travels. We will be moving from SE Asian cultures into Arabia. Thailand where we spent over 2 years remains one of our favorite countries in the world and we hope to return there.  Singapore was fascinating as it is one of the only 'benevolent dictatorships" in the world- and it works.  Malaysia's colonial past is still very much in evidence.  From Sri Lanka onwards we will be in all Moslem countries until we reach the Mediterranean and many of these countries have changed little in hundreds of years. 

The North Indian Ocean is also the worst area in the world for piracy-  In 2006 we transited the infamous Malacca straits and at no time did we feel threatened.  In March 2009 we will be traveling through the Gulf of Aden which has seen a dramatic increase in pirate activity in the last 12 months.  Fortunately the attacks are usually on large cargo vessels or oil tankers and the recent activity has also caused the naval forces of the US, Britain, France, India, China and others to begin patrolling a safety corridor through which we will transit.   We anticipate traveling in convoy with other yachts and hopefully with the protection of the naval forces nearby. 


This year's sailing from February- June 2009 will see us traveling over 5,000 nautical miles. 
Thailand to Sri Lanka- 1,100 miles
Sri Lanka to Maldives- 440 miles
Maldives to Oman- 1,250 miles
Oman to Red Sea  720 miles
Red Sea to Mediterranean 1,300 miles

Ventana averages 5 knots per hour or about the pace of a fast walk.  So 5,000 nautical miles represents nearly a 1,000 hours of sailing.  (One knot is one nautical mile per hour.  A nautical mile is slightly more than a regular statute mile).

Stops in the North Indian Ocean

bullet Malaysia
bullet Thailand
bulletSE Asia-  Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos
bullet Sri Lanka
bullet Maldives
bullet Oman
bullet Yemen

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