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Cruising Notes


Our website has always been a mix of advice for sailors and and travelogue for our non sailing family and friends.   Now we have added this new section on Cruising Notes designed to be of specific value to other circumnavigators who may follow in our wake.  The information here was usually generated as brief email notes to cruising friends who were following our track.  The notes includes details of wind patterns, anchorages, obtaining diesel, water, spare parts and repairs, etc.

Australia East Coast


Alanya Marina Warning - Turkey

Cruising Greece

Cruising Italy

Cruising France

Cruising Spain & Gibraltar

Caribbean Routing



Also be sure to see the Ad's and articles pages for many more cruising notes, and articles we have published in the SSCA Bulletins including information on anti-piracy strategies, Pacific Crossing routing, Indian Ocean Crossing, Scuba diving, the Red Sea and more.  Click here

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