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Boat Modifications   Major Systems   Anchors   Communications   Electrical  
 Engine   Plumbing   Refrigeration   Sails and Rigging   Cockpit   Deck Gear  
 Interior   Navigation Station   Safety Gear   Spares   Stowage  

Boat Systems

A boat unlike a home ashore needs to be completely self sufficient.  In a home you rely on the electric company for power, the gas company for heat, the water company for fresh water and the sanitation company for sewage treatment.  On the boat you need all these same services but you must provided the infrastructure yourself.  Just as a metropolis needs city planning to deliver all these services a boat needs good planning to integrate everything properly.  The type of refrigeration you have and its power requirements will determine your electrical system.  The type of electrical system you have will determine your watermaker style.  And the type of cruising you like to do will determine what is best for all of your systems.  

    For our purposes we  divided our boat systems into the following categories:   Anchors   Communications   Electrical   Engine  

Plumbing   Refrigeration   Sails & Rig     AIS System


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