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Plumbing System

Ventana’s plumbing system has not undergone any major changes.

Before the boat was launched for the first time we installed an additional thru-hull to feed refrigerator salt water pump, watermaker, deck wash and galley salt water pump. The thru-hull, strainer and manifold are accessed below the galley sink storage area. The galley pump is a simple Whale foot pump, the refrigerator and deck washdown are Shurflo pumps and the Spectra watermaker uses its specially made Shurflo pump. The salt water deck wash hose runs from the manifold along the entire length of the boat in the bilge to the forward most sole access in the forward cabin.  Here a Y valve directs either salt water or fresh water to the adjacent pump and up to a deck fitting and hose. The deck fitting available from New Found Metals is flush and uses a quick release on the hose.

After rebuilding the PAR fresh water pump several times and replacing a dozen fresh water pressure switches the PAR was set aside and replaced with a trouble free Shurflo pump.

We recently installed a Spectra 200 C system to replace our PUR 35/40. The PUR 35 was very failure prone and though the 40 is much better we still found its output too small.

The Spectra uses a DC pump motor which works well for our DC boat and the Spectra is 2-3 times more efficient than anything else on the market. So far we are pleased with it. We mounted the Clark pump at the back of the aft cabin shelf with the membrane just above it. The gauges are mounted above the trash bin and all the valves are under the galley sink. This makes for a bit longer plumbing runs initially but is very efficient for operating the system.


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The expensive and high maintenance Raritan heads will be replaced when feasible.  All thru-hulls have permanently affixed pine wood plugs installed nearby.   Most days we use a sunshower which is left on deck with the hose hanging into the aft head through the open hatch.  This uses less water and avoids running 30 seconds of cold water to get to the hot water. 


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