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Vietnam Photos 2

     Landslide blocks the road- all the dirt in the photo came down just before we arrived.             The Mekong is both their highway and shower


                      Red Dao women walk 5-10 miles each day to bring their goods to market- a hard life but they smile alot.


              Water puppet theatre in Hanoi                             Water puppet                                                       OSHA approved power pole

This portable restaurant carries everything-      Obviously a man with grand dreams carved this
on one side are the stools for the customers
and the other pots and a portable BBQ grill

                              Penny, Hong and Dee shopping for groceries for the cooking class that Hong taught

  Market boat on the Mekong                                      Hand spinning thread from plants  

 How laundry is done in much of the world                               Drying Grain

  Dee with help from a Hmong girl                       The colors of the Flower Hmong tribe                                            Market

            Clothing factory                                                  Carrying her load home                                                    Beautiful Bride

           Mekong river boat                                                         Near Dalat                                                               Traditional House

To see more Vietnam photos click here- Vietnam Photos 3

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