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Burma, or Myanmar as it is now called by the military rulers who control it, sits just north of Thailand and shares a border with Laos on the Mekong River.  Where the three countries come together is the infamous Golden Triangle- heart of the opium poppy and heroin trade.  Since Thailand only allows visitors to stay for one or two months at a time, the Burmese border is a popular spot to leave Thailand walk across the border into Burma get your passport stamped and then return to Thailand where you now have another month on your visa.  Traveling further into Burma is difficult and since our trip coincided with the extensive protests throughout the country by thousands of Buddhist monks longer travel was not allowed.  We spent only one afternoon wandering around the border town where we were invited to join in a wedding and Rob played caroms (like miniature pool) with some of Burmese. 

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A sign at the border showing Burma in yellow and Thailand in green.  The photo is of the same scene.  The tip of land splitting the two rivers is the tip of the Golden Triangle and is in Burma and the photo is taken from Thailand.  The Mekong is the river on the right.


                             Border Crossing                                                                    Rob playing a game of street pool

                                               Golden Buddha                                                              Wedding Couple

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