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Vietnam Phtos 3


                         Sapa                                                      Trekking near Sapa                                                     Near Sapa

              Spinning thread                                                     Market lady                                               Colorful as flowers- Flower Hmong

                                                                                              Typical Market scenes

                       Seafood                                                      Tomatoes and Chiles                                             Fresh grubs---ummmm!


                     The Princess


        Dee mountain biking                                                       Monks chanting                                             Dee visiting a Red Dao house



                          The coiled snake headdress of the Black Dao women

Typical vegetable market boat plying the Mekong            Hong the cooking teacher                          Asians all know how to hunker down




                                The colorful women of the Flower Hmong tribe are all as bright as flowers


          Dragon fruit                                                 Dee trekking with a group of Hmong women        Christine and Dee at the market

Ingenious water powered grinder.  The water from the pipe fills up the carved out bowl of the                         Little load carrier
log.  The log is mounted like a see saw allowing it to go up and down.  When the water end is full
the log tips down and dumps the water raising the other end.  As the water empties the inside end
comes down into the bowl smashing the grain. 


                               A tour agent who makes you WOW-- and for us the entire country was one big WOW !    


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