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Sailor's Weather


This page has a mixed grab bag of weather information.  Most of it concerns how to get weather underway and specific resources via the internet and elsewhere.  For starters on understanding weather click the Weather Basics page.  To get started in receiving weather underway click the Receiving Weather Underway page.

For a primer on understanding Weather Basics click here

Receiving Weather Underway
 An explanation of how to gather weather on board and a list of valuable weather resources.

National Weather Service Radiofax Products For the Eastern Pacific
This list includes internet file names which are used in the Winlink catalog lists and also gives the areas of coverage of the various weather faxes and satellite images

Marine Prediction Center Radio Facsimile Users Guide
This list explains all the various products available  from the MPC and how  to read each of them.  This information applies to all oceans.

Weather Fax Schedules- Hawaii, Australia, New  Zealand
Complete broadcast Schedules for Pacific Weather.

French- English Weather Dictionary
There is an excellent weather bulletin available on Winlink for French Polynesia.  It  is in French but with this guide is easily translatable. 







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