French - English Weather Dictionary


There is an excellent weather bulletin available on Winlink for French Polynesia.  It  is in French but with this guide is easily translatable. 


agitee large seas haute high
alterner alternance alternating sun, shower houle swell
anti cyclone high pressure humide wet
apres demain day after tomorrow instable unstable
apres- midi afternoon isobars isobars
au large off shore jamais never
aujourd hui today journee day
avant ahead matin morning
avec with mer sea
averse shower midi noon
basse low modere moderate
beau nice monter to move north
bourrasque gust neige snow
brise breeze nord north
brouillard fog nuage porteur de pluie raincloud
bruine fog and light rain nuage, nuageux cloud, cloudy
brume ground fog nuit night
calme calm orage thunderstorm
carte map ouest west
chaud warm passages nuageux clouds passing
ciel sky persister to continue
climat climate perturbation low pressure
cotes coast petites small
couvert obscured peu agitee moderate seas
cyclone cyclone pluie, pluvieux rain, rainy
deborder to expand pression pressure
degage clear previsions meteo weather forecasts
degager to clear prochain next
degrader to deteriorate quelques few
demain tomorrow rafale gust
deplacer to move rapidement quickly
depression low pressure relief above sea level
derriere behind remonter to move north
desagreger to dissipate saison season
descendre to move south sameliorer to improve
devant ahead sans without
doucement slowly soiree evening
doux moderate soleil, ensoleille sun, sunny
eclaircie clearing souvent often
est east stable stable
faible low sud south
faire beau nice weather sur on
fin end tempete storm
flocon snow flake temps weather
fort strong tres very
frais cool vague wave
froid cold variable variable, changeable
front chaud warm front vent wind
front froid cold front vers to a direction
grain rain on the ocean visibilite visibility
grele hail vitesse speed
voile partially obscured

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