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Pacific Route

In Spring of 2002 we transited  the Panama canal taking Ventana from the waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean into the mighty Pacific for the first time. 

Our route across the Pacific in 2002 included visits to Isla Cocos, Costa Rica,  the Galapagos islands of Ecuador, the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti, and the Society Islands of French Polynesia.  In 2003 we continued on in French Polynesia to Huahine, Raaitea, Tahaa, Bora Bora & Mopelia.  From there we traveled to the Cook Islands of Aitutaki and Palmerston,  and on to Samoa, Tonga and then Fiji.  Our final legs in the Pacific took us to Vanuatu & New Caledonia before arriving in Australia in late 2003.

You can follow our route by finding the islands on the maps below.

 Just click each map to see a blowup and then click the back button to return here.


To read about our voyage across the vast Pacific click here. 

Route Legs and Mileage

Panama Canal to Isla Cocos, Costa Rica                                 590   nautical miles
Isla Cocos to Galapagos Islands, Ecuador                                410 
Galapagos to Marquesas, French Polynesia                          2980
Marquesas to Tahiti via Tuamotus                                              590
Tahiti to Aitutaki Cook Islands via Society Islands                    605
Aitutaki to Palmerston                                                                  200
Palmerston to Samoa                                                                  520
Samoa to Tonga                                                                           410
Tonga to Fiji                                                                                   440
Fiji via islands to Vanuatu                                                            730
Vanuatu to New Caledonia                                                          270
New Caledonia to Australia                                                         780
                                                                                                     8,525   approximate miles *
Average Speed 5- 6 miles per hour. 
Longest passage 18 days from the Galapagos to the Marquesas.
Best one day run -- 188 nautical miles.

* In some cases the mileages include the interisland passages within the island groups.

To read about our voyage across the vast Pacific click here. 



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