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After catching up on things at the internet cafe and getting a fix of city life we headed off to Moorea, Tahiti's small sister island.  Our first few days here were extra special as we were able to connect up with our nephew Chris and his new wife Jenn on their honeymoon.  

Moorea was back to nature for us with spectacular hikes, bicycling around the island, scuba diving and renting a Vespa motor scooter like all the other tourists.   We also had great parties with many old and new cruising friends. 

One evening we had a dinghy drift cocktail party with all the boats in the anchorage.  Since no single boat is large enough to host a party where everyone can attend we all get in our dinghies (these are the little outboard motor powered 10 foot inflatable boats we use to get to and from shore when the big boat is anchored).   Each boat makes up appetizers to share and brings a cooler with their preferred beverage and we meet in the middle of the bay.  All the dinghies are tied together and while we drift aimlessly around the harbor the hors d' oeuvres are passed and people move from dinghy to dinghy to socialize.  It was here we had 3 couples who had each cruised the South Pacific nearly 25  years ago then gone to work in regular careers and were now out doing it again. 

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