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Sumbawa is a long island running east and west in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago.  We did not spend a lot of time here but one of the highlights was our visit to Wera.  The main industry of the village here is building traditional boats.  These boats up 70 feet long with a 20 foot beam are built without any plans and using only hand tools.  They don't even use any nails but simply attach each plank to the inner ribs with hundreds of wood pegs.

As usual when we stopped here we were first greeted by the kids paddling out in their dugout canoes to surround our yachts.  Their infectious smiles soon won our hearts.  Ashore the kids followed us around like puppies as we toured the village, while the adults gave us tours of the boats and we each exchanged the few words we knew of each others language. 

Placing your cursor over some photos will give you a caption and clicking on any photo will give you an enlargement of that photo.  After enlarging you can hit the back button on your browser to return you here.


Kids in Dugout canoe          Sailbot Ocelot surrounded by kids










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