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Komodo National Park encompasses Komodo Island and a number of other nearby islands.  This area provided wonderful scuba diving and generally wonderful cruising.  It was the first time since arriving in Indonesia that we had a chance to really slow down and just explore slowly between islands.  This is also the home of the Komodo dragons which are giant meat eating lizards up to 10 feet long.  Their usual prey are the deer and water buffalo that inhabit the islands but a few years ago a hiking tourist added to their diet.

Scuba diving on crystal rock we saw plate corals up to 8 feet across and giant clams a foot wide.  Hiking on peaceful Komodo gave us spectacular views over Ventana at anchor as well as other secluded anchorages nearby. 

Placing your cursor over any photo will give you a caption and clicking on any photo will give you an enlargement of that photo.  After enlarging you can hit the back button on your browser to return you here.


         Komodo Dragon                                          Komodo Dragon

  Komodo Dragon            Komodo Dragon

           Traditional Sailing Canoe       Twisted tree on Komodo Island

 Indonesian Pinesi                                  Secluded Beach - Komodo Island

 Ventana at anchor- Komodo Island                               Traditional Pinesi

                                               Hiking at Sunset on Komodo Island          


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