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Lombok being near the tourist destination of Bali was far more westernized than most of the islands we had previously visited.   We took an inland tour here to see traditional villages as well as some of the many wonderful crafts villages.  Like the boat building village of Wera on Sumbawa, here each village had a specialty.  One made pottery, another jewelry, another wood carvings,  batik paintings or weavings.  Our favorite were the traditional villages where they still used thatch roofs and we watched them drying and grinding their meal the old way.  On the satellite island of Gilli Air we enjoyed  fantastic meals at seaside shacks. On Gilli Air they do not allow motorized vehicles so the only transportation was by "Ben-hur"-- tiny horse drawn carts.

In trying to simulate the big time resorts the tiny local hotel had built an exercise facility.  The weight benches, pull up bars and even the stationary bike were all cleverly made from bamboo and the weights were concrete decorated with sea shells. 

Placing your cursor over some photos will give you a caption and clicking on any photo will give you an enlargement of that photo.  After enlarging you can hit the back button on your browser to return you here.


Carrying coconut husks for Copra     Indonesian fishing boat        Indonesian Cuisinart    

 Dee feeding peanuts to maque monkeys                       The gym on Gilli Air     Ben hur horse cart.  The only transportation on Gilli Air


              House in Traditional Village       Drying rice in traditional village   

 Home sweet home     Traditional house   

                         Tradtitional house                             Pounding lime to go with her betel nut chew   


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