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 US Gyroplane Trip 2008


Thailand is such a wonderful place we wanted to stay another year but we did not want to spend the monsoon season on the boat.  Splitting our year between Thailand and the US would offer the best of both worlds.  Summer in the US and winter on the boat cruising.  For our time in the US we decided to re-create a bit of Rob's historic gyroplane cross country flight from 2005.*  With Dee once again driving the motorhome and Rob flying his gyroplane we headed slowly from Florida to Colorado. 

The highlights of the summer were seeing family, visits with our sailing friends Bob and Kathy Pauly in Tocoa, GA, working with Jimmy and Roslyn Carter to build Habitat for Humanity houses for Katrina victims in Mobile, AL and flying once again over our beautiful country.  In Florida we visited Pensacola Naval Air Station where Rob went daily to watch the Blue Angles practice their airshow routine.

Back in Colorado we headed for Salida where we now own 3 acres bordering thousands of acres of National Forest.  From our property we can hike or mountain bike directly up to the Continental Divide.  We hope to build on the land when our sailing adventure is over.

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               Small Town America                                              Flying the Rivers                                                      Patterns in the fields


                                                                                         Note the nautical theme                                         Rob's Xenon Gyroplane
                                                                                     control yoke on this float plane   

                                                                                                                                      View from the Cockpit                                      


                                                                                                                                                                               Crop Duster


                                   Building homes for Habitat for Humanity                   Rob next to Jimmy Carter and Dee in front row
                                                                                                                                with sunglasses hanging down

                         Canoeing in Florida                          Toccoa Falls, GA with the Paulys of Yacht Briana          Mountain Biking near Salida, Colorado


                               On our land in Salida, Colorado                                      View from our land- 14,000'  the top
                                                                                                                                  of the Continental Divide

                                                               Rob's 90 year old Dad, 85 year old Mom
                                                                                  and his nephew Jon


The Blue Angels -



*  To read about Rob's historic 2005 trip to fly a gyroplane to the 48 states of the Continental US click here.

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