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Bonaire to Cartagena


July - December 2001

Summer and fall were spent in Bonaire scuba diving, mountain biking and exploring..  We were joined by our friends Muriel and Sue from Denver and celebrated their first scuba dives and Muriel's dive certification.  Towards the end of our stay in Bonaire a local resident opened up a flight school with several rental airplanes and Rob was first in line to rent the Cessna 172 and do some island sightseeing with 2 different plane loads of friends along.  From Bonaire we headed downwind in company with our friends from Runaway.  In 1993 at age 64 they had departed from Bonaire on the start of their 7 year circumnavigation of the world. 

We next visited Klein Curacao, Curacao and then Aruba. In Aruba Rob spent several weeks improving his windsurfing skills and then moving on to the exciting new sport of Kitesurfing.  Dee meanwhile became a regular at a local yoga class and at the butterfly farm where she pursued her watercolor drawings.

On a more sorrowful note Dee's step mom, Anne Burton  passed away in November but fortunately Dee had managed a trip to visit her in October while she was still relatively healthy.

 We spent Christmas and New Years in Cartagena, Colombia a beautiful old Spanish colonial city.  New Years eve was magical as we sat under the full moon and watched a tremendous fireworks show from the square in the center of town.  On one side of the square was the pock marked facade of a 300 year old church while the other sides were taken with gorgeous balconies dripping with flowers and packed with the young Latin beauties of Cartagena. 


  Bonaire to Cartagena




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